• 8power

    sensor technology for industrial asset condition monitoring.

  • Ablatus Therapeutics

    electric tissue ablation technology.

  • Adaptavate

    low-carbon building materials technology.

  • Advanced Electric Machines

    Advanced Electric Machines

  • ANB Sensors

    calibration-free pH sensor technology.

  • ARC Aerosystems

    advanced air mobility company with passenger and cargo applications.

  • Archipelago Technology Group

    high efficiency industrial coatings technology.

  • BEEP

    digital access card company.

  • Cellexcell

    developer of water resistant biocomposite materials.

  • Climate Positive Foods

    company that reduces fruit farm waste.

  • CollectiveTech

    ride sharing platform.

  • Connected Energy

    energy storage technology.

  • Electric Miles

    smart EV charging software.

  • Furlong Renewable Energy Developments

    renewable energy project developer.

  • Gasrec

    Turquoise investment in bio-LNG fuelling infrastructure development.

  • geo

    home energy management technology.

  • GridDuck

    provider of energy optimisation solutions.

  • Humans Not Robots

    IT network energy optimisation consultancy.

  • Jiva Materials

    recylable PCB substrate manufacturing technology.

  • Kelda Showers

    water and energy efficient shower technology.

  • Kidsie

    online platform to resell used baby and childrens items and promote the circular economy.

  • Kubos Semiconductors

    energy efficient LED technology.

  • Net Zero Now

    carbon reduction consultancy.

  • NRL

    process technology for fibre-based packaging.

  • Outfield Technologies

    crop yield management software.

  • Rhe Energise Logo


    energy storage technology developer.

  • SaveMoneyCutCarbon

    supplier of sustainable products and services.

  • Skoot

    ride sharing and carbon offsetting software platform.

  • Smartbell

    developer of animal health monitoring technologies.

  • Spark EV Technology

    energy optimisation and range prediction software for electric vehicles.

  • SupaPass

    digital marketing platform.

  • Switchd

    digital platform providing renewable energy and energy efficiency products to homeowners.

  • TeraView

    terahertz inspection and imaging technology.

  • Unum Aircraft Seating

    light-weight aircraft seating developer.

  • VirtTuri


  • Weeding Technologies

    herbicide-free weeding systems.

  • Weekly.shop

    online supermarket with zero waste packaging.