“The OECD estimates that global resource consumption doubled in the 25 years to 2015; the expectation is that this will double again up to 2050. Businesses are waking up to the fact that there is a real risk that supply may not keep up with demand. Businesses must therefore look at lowering costs and introducing efficiencies in order to stay competitive in an increasingly uncertain macroeconomic environment. (…) Demand for such solutions within industry creates demand for innovations which can provide relevant solutions. Such innovations could in theory cut across any vertical, from material use in the construction industry to mining to efficient robotic manufacturing methods in the automotive industry. Given the widespread demand for such solutions within industry, investors will benefit from rigorous commercial and business models. However, how do investors reconcile relatively capitally intensive opportunities which may take longer than expected to bear fruit with the need to generate sufficient returns for their LPs?”

Source: http://www.forburyinvest.com/Event-Details/Investor-Briefing-Investing-in-Industrial-Cleantech


During the Rushlight event held on 23rd May 2017, Ian Thomas, one of the Managing Directors at Turquoise, discussed the challenges, opportunities and ways to mitigate the risks inherent to investing in this new type of ventures. You can read more about it in the presentation below.